Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hantaran Mizi

This is my step brother punya hantaran perkahwinan... Congratulation to him... This is also my 1st attempt on making a fondant cake. Huh! it's a very tiring job for me since I sikit lagi x jadi buat sebab my dearest Mr. R nak bawa whole family pergi KK. But have to canceled it due to my eldest son kena chicken pox... As promises I have to make this hantaran in 24 hours time before the delivery... Alhamdulillah, i made it.

I know this picas a bit blur, taken from a hp camera and de one and only... I was in rushed until forget everything. Huh! I already done some adjustment using photoshop to make it better, but I'm not a photoshop pro... Hehe..

Really happy to see this hantaran turn out ok for me :) ... Thank you weennee from love-a-cupcake, I saw the bear from your site & it give an idea how to make this hantaran...

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