Saturday, March 6, 2010

Message From The Kitchen

Let's Celebrate Your Moments With 'SLK'

'Sue Little Kitchen' is now available to receive orders for any occasions starting from March 2010.
However, please make your inquiries & orders at least 1 week before delivery or pick up date. And at least 3 weeks in advance for bulk orders. It would give me sometimes to find everything i need according to your request, otherwise you'll be disappointed.
As I am a new baker, I only have realy few pictures to show you abot my work.. Some of pictures gone when my lappy's been formated :(.. So I really appriciate if you give me some ideas or pictures when ordering. I will try my best to make it according to yours, your satisfaction is my reward :)...
But please remember, any pictures taking from web or blog... pls write & give me the link. It would be easier for my to give credit to them... Thx :)

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